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Winning 100

Posted by Baseball Bob at 10:15
Sep 302017

Surprise! I may never do this again, and perhaps no one is reading. But I have been thinking about something, and thought I would share. This season, 3 teams (Dodgers, Indians, Astros) have won over 100 games, and 5 more (Nationals, Diamondbacks, Red Sox, Cubs and Yankees) have won at least 90. I got to (read full post)

A surprise post

Posted by Baseball Bob at 09:33
Jun 112017

The Yankees exploded yesterday, scoring 9 runs in the first two innings, getting a great start from Severino, and blasting the Orioles 16-2, their fourth straight start scoring 8 or more (and their 20th of the year). Oddly, that’s not what I want to talk about. My sister has a daughter who is a good (read full post)


Posted by Baseball Bob at 10:31
Jun 102017

The Yankees got a solid start (GS 66) from rookie Jordan Montgomery, and lots of late offense, led by Aaron Hick’s sixth and seventh inning homers to bomb the Orioles 8-2. Since this game was 2-2 after 5 and 3-2 after six, it was a lot closer than the score. But one difference between this (read full post)

Been a While

Posted by Baseball Bob at 12:30
Jun 092017

Life has been busy; today it eased up: last day of seminary. Perhaps I should explain: I teach a scripture study class each school day at 6:00 am for High School students. Between getting up early to teach the class, going to bed early so I am not exhausted, and preparing lessons, this is a (read full post)

OK, I admit it

Posted by Baseball Bob at 12:02
May 242017

OK, OK, I confess. I post more faithfully when the Yankees are winning. What can I say? They have been struggling recently; some of the early season success stories (Headley, Ellsbury, Romine, Torreyes) have been pretty bad, and the Yankees lead the AL in HRs but recently they are climbing the leaderboard in HR allowed, as (read full post)

May 182017

Sorry friends. It’s been years since I was truly excited about a Yankee team, and when I have only a little time I can’t seem to focus very often on anything else. One of these days I’ll have several hours to spare and I’ll write about what has happened to the Giants, or the Mets, (read full post)

May 122017

The Yankees were dominated by Houston pitching last night. They actually managed some baserunners, especially in the late innings (no so much against Keuchel in the first 6) but were 0 for 8 with runners in scoring position. Pineda was good but not great (GS 56, 3 ER in 6.2 IP) but they trailed 3-1 (read full post)

Back on Top

Posted by Baseball Bob at 09:31
May 112017

Brilliant play by the Yankees pushes them back to the best record in Baseball, a massive .001 ahead of Houston, which is their next opponent. The play, of course, was in taking the day off, while Baltimore was blowing a 6-2 lead after 7 and falling to Washington 7-6. Houston is actually a half-game up (read full post)

Still Going

Posted by Baseball Bob at 09:03
May 092017

The Yankees won their 6th straight last night, scoring 10 runs and getting length from Tanaka, ameliorating the concern about a depleted bullpen. They scored 3 in the first to take the pressure off, and than added on throughout the game. It really never felt like Cincy was going to get in the game, and (read full post)

May 082017

Yes, the Yankees currently sport the best record in baseball. The margin is razor thin: they are 20-9 .690. The Nationals are 21-10 .677, The Astros and Orioles are 20-10 .667. Thus NY is the only team in baseball who has not reached double-digits in losses. In (the unlikely) case you were wondering, the 1998 (read full post)

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