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One Down 161 To Go

Posted by Baseball Bob at 09:44
Apr 032017

The Yankee quest for a perfect ended yesterday (opening day) along with the quests of the Giants and the Cubs (both probably more likely, though all three wildly unlikely). Things did not go exactly as I predicted. First, Tanaka, lights out all spring, was brutally roughed up by the Rays, departing after 2 2/3 innings (read full post)

It's Today

Posted by Baseball Bob at 10:02
Apr 022017

Well, my wait is finally over: baseball season opens today with 3 games: Yankees at Rays (1:00 pm), Giants at Diamondbacks (4:00 pm) and Cubs at Cardinals (8:30 pm). I certainly get why that last game is the evening featured game: defending champs, bitter rivalry, two good teams. But the other two are intriguing, as (read full post)


Posted by Baseball Bob at 11:19
Apr 012017

The Yankees have historically been scheduled to play in the inaugural game of new ballparks – I would guess they have “opened” three times as many parks as any other team. When it is an NL park they play an exhibition just before the season. Thus they played their final spring training game yesterday at (read full post)

Spring Champs

Posted by Baseball Bob at 12:00
Mar 302017

I finally found the schedule, and the Yankees are officially the spring training champions (that is, best record in these no-count games): they lead St. Louis by 1 1/2 with one each to play. So yay! More relevant is that the season starts this Sunday, with the Yankees visiting Tampa Bay for the Rays’ home (read full post)

Wrong Again!!

Posted by Baseball Bob at 12:16
Mar 272017

The Yankees won again yesterday, bringing their spring record to 22-7. With only 6 games left before the season starts, they are near a lock to finish with the best record for the spring: the Cardinals are 18-8, the Pirates are 18-9 and the Mariners are 19-12, but they would basically have to lose every (read full post)

SS Analysis

Posted by Baseball Bob at 11:12
Mar 242017

No, this isn’t a comparison between Hitler’s die-hard supporters and Trump’s, though that might be interesting, too. This is my 2 cents about the Yankees and Didi Gregorius’ injury while playing for the Netherlands in the WBC (again, I DON’T blame the WBC, injuries happen). Current word is he will be out at LEAST until (read full post)

Not Guilty

Posted by Baseball Bob at 14:03
Mar 232017

My loyal readers will have detected a familiar pattern: I resolve to blog often, do so for a few days, and then go silent. Days, weeks, months can pass with no word at all. I then wake up, renew my resolve, rinse and repeat. Not this time, though: I didn’t miss – the server stopped (read full post)

HRs, anyone?

Posted by Baseball Bob at 07:51
Mar 092017

My playing around yesterday with Kershaw’s chances to get 300 wins (low) got me to looking at other career accomplishments (like 500 HRs) and looking at the leaderboards, I must admit that I had missed that Pujols now has 591 HRs – wow! His chances by the James tool are 99% (there is always a (read full post)

Go Israel!

Posted by Baseball Bob at 12:01
Mar 082017

After beating host Korea 2-1 in 10 innings, Israel all but assured their entry into the second round with a 15-7 win over Chinese Taipei. And with Netherlands 5-0 win over Korea, Korea is in danger of not advancing for the first time (in 4 WBC). For Korea to advance now, Israel has to beat (read full post)

The WBC is under way!

Posted by Baseball Bob at 09:42
Mar 062017

Exciting times. The first game of the WBC has been played, and we already have our first upset. Lowest-ranked (41st in the world; every other team in the tourney is no worse than 20th) long-shot Israel somehow outdueled Korea 2-1 to win the opening game of the 2017 WBC. in case you missed it, which (read full post)

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