Trouble In Paradise

Posted by Baseball Bob at 09:33
Apr 262017

Hi friends, No, this doesn’t refer to further setbacks in the Yankeeverse, though those exist as well (more in a minute). I am getting reports of malicious invasion of this site; the suggested remedy is one we have already taken. My son, who arranged for the hosting of this site and did the layout, is (read full post)

Random Observations

Posted by Baseball Bob at 08:55
Apr 242017

I’m back, sort of. After a week of full-time babysitting (not really babies, they range from 3 to 14) I now have two weeks of part-time child care, as my wife is traveling and I take her place 3 times a week at our daughter’s home. So I should have more time to post, but (read full post)

Apr 192017

I am still here, and have not even backslid: it is vacation week and I have 4 grandchildren here 24/7: baseball has taken a back seat. I may not post again until next week. BUT: the 1998 Yankees started 1-4, then won 8 straight, then lost to go to 9-5. The 2017 Yankees have done (read full post)

Apr 162017

With a 3-2 win over the Cardinals, the Yankees continue to track the great 1998 team, winning their sixth straight after the 1-4 start. they still trail the Orioles by 1/2 game – the 1998 Yankees did not take first place until their 21st game. Those Yankees, in case you were wondering, ran the streak (read full post)

Here Comes the Judge

Posted by Baseball Bob at 11:18
Apr 132017

Yesterday the Yanks continued to track the 1998 Yanks, as their 3rd straight win evened their record at 4-4. Jordan Montgomery started and showed enough promise to get another start, rather than being sent down so Chad Green or Luis Cessa could start in 5 days. that’s good, and he looked pretty good, even though (read full post)

Apr 122017

Moral victory for the Yankees yesterday: they did not play. They made up 25% of their deficit toward first place, way to go! Meanwhile the Angels pulled off a feat that I believe to be a first in ML history: they won back-to-back games in which they trailed by 5+ runs going into the bottom-of-the-ninth. (read full post)

Does Not Bode Well

Posted by Baseball Bob at 12:01
Apr 102017

Early season stats are so much fun! For example, Matt Holliday currently projects to draw 216 walks (and to think Barry Bonds actually DID that one season!). But perusing the Yankee early stats, things do not bode well for the team: Current RBI leader is utility infielder and 9th place hitter Ronald Torreyes with 7. (read full post)

Big Losers

Posted by Baseball Bob at 11:33
Apr 092017

After a week of play, the Yankees are 1-4 and both Sanchez and Bird are hurt – what a great start! The only decent start by a starting pitcher is by Sabathia, which is not likely to be a repeatable phenomenon, and Tanaka, by far the most reliable starter, has looked bad twice (though the (read full post)

First Win

Posted by Baseball Bob at 13:58
Apr 052017

Well, the Yankees won their first game today, so 0-162 is now off the table. After Tanaka was unhittable (ONE earned run all spring) he was bombed in the opener. After CC Sabathia was bombed all spring, he pitched 5 scoreless innings (only 3 hits, two of them infield dribblers). After Bird, Judge and Sanchez (read full post)

I have a theory that the 2017 Red Sox are not going to be as good as everyone thinks that they are. Full disclosure: as a Yankee fan, I truly WANT this to be true, so it is altogether possible that I am just whistling in the wind. Still, I have my reasons, and I (read full post)

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