Posted by Baseball Bob at 10:08
Jan 182011

I’m back from my wanderings, and ready to set down to prepare for the upcoming season. A month and a half until Pitchers and Catchers Report, and two months until there will be games to report on. I can hardly wait!

While rosters are not yet set (the Yankees, after all, are still pursuing Andruw Jones, heaven help us!), I think the place to start is to try to go team by team, reviewing their season, their roster changes (to date), and their chances. We’ll see how far I get: no promises.

If you have a preference on which order I do this, either generically (by division, worst to best, best to worst, by payroll, etc.) or a request for a specific team to be done, just comment and I may oblige.

I also plan to perhaps have a separate tab on the blog by team, once I actually have some team-specific content, so the most recent [say] Cubs comments can be easily extracted from the clutter that is likely to be the main blog.

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