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Mar 232017

My loyal readers will have detected a familiar pattern: I resolve to blog often, do so for a few days, and then go silent. Days, weeks, months can pass with no word at all. I then wake up, renew my resolve, rinse and repeat. Not this time, though: I didn’t miss – the server stopped processing my site. I contacted my son, Mark, who generously piggy-backs my site onto his account (with Google, I think) and after some effort has me back up again. If you tried to go to you got the site not available message, but of course if you follow by RSS feed it just went silent.

Anyway, I followed the WBC avidly, and even stayed up to watch some of the west coast games. I admit that I failed to get to the end of any of them, because the Pool F games started at 10:15 my time, and the semi-finals and finals at 9:15, and I teach a religion class at 6:00 am, so it was just a bit too late. Anyway, in case you (along with 99% of America) missed it, the US qualified second in their first round pool, losing to Dominican Republic, squeaking by Colombia 3-2 and crushing Canada. In the second pool they squeezed by Venezuela, were beaten by Puerto Rico, and met Dominican Republic (the defending champion) in a winner-take-all rematch, which they managed to win.

On to LA they played undefeated Japan in the semi-final in a steady rain (in LA!) and the sloppy field ultimately gave them a break in the 8th inning when, with a runner on 3rd, a ground ball would have allowed a play at the plate, but the wet conditions caused a momentary bobble and the only play was to first, allowing the winning run to score in a 2-1 win. Puerto Rico, conquerors of USA in Pool F, beat Netherlands to set up a USA at PR final, with PR undefeated in the tourney. But Marcus Stroman decided to face only 18 batters in 6 innings (not perfect – a walk and a DP) and USA got their revenge and cruised to an 8-0 win and their first WBC title. It was so fun that I haven’t watched a single minute of the NCAA tourney, though now that it is over I may take a look ;-}

One casualty of the WBC: Yankee shortstop Didi Gregorius, playing IN AN EXHIBITION GAME for team Netherlands, hurt his shoulder and will not be available until May 1 at the earliest. 4 years ago Mark Teixeira was hurt in the WBC and basically was never the same player again. Fortunes of war. Players get hurt in spring training all the time – there is no real reason to think that it happens in the WBC any more often. But people still say it. Sigh.

Opening day is barely more than a week away (well, 10 days I guess, Sunday April 2). I expect to blog about that in the coming days.

I love this game!

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