Wrong Again!!

Posted by Baseball Bob at 12:16
Mar 272017

The Yankees won again yesterday, bringing their spring record to 22-7. With only 6 games left before the season starts, they are near a lock to finish with the best record for the spring: the Cardinals are 18-8, the Pirates are 18-9 and the Mariners are 19-12, but they would basically have to lose every game (always possible in spring training games) for one of those teams to catch them. Assuming (too lazy to check) that all these teams play 6 more games, their magic number to finish ahead of each team: Cardinals 5, Pirates 4, Mariners 2.

The wrong again part was my earlier assumption that no one ever wins the spring and then the season. It IS very rare, but the 2009 Yankees actually did it, winning 24 games in the spring and the world series. So, go Yankees!

No decision has been made about the Yankee SS hole, but I learned some new information that makes one of the good options even less likely: None of Wade, Kozma, Tejada nor Torres is on the 40-man roster, which is full. This means that to use one of them as a fill-in would be to expose one of their kids to waivers (in order to remove him from the 40) or someone on the 40 needs to go to the 60-day DL (Didi is or can be on the 15-day DL, freeing a 25-man spot but not a 40-man spot). So they seem almost sure to go with Torreyes, Refsnyder, Castro (Refsnyder replacing Gregorius) to start the season, and will play at SS/2B a rotation of Torreyes/Castro, Castro Refsnyder and possibly Castro/Torreyes. Not so much fun but a sound business decision. I guess if Tejada or Kozma had impressed, they might have bitten the bullet, but they did not.

SIX DAYS to REAL baseball! For the first time in several years, I am legitimately excited for the season to start.

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