Does Not Bode Well

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Apr 102017

Early season stats are so much fun! For example, Matt Holliday currently projects to draw 216 walks (and to think Barry Bonds actually DID that one season!). But perusing the Yankee early stats, things do not bode well for the team:

Current RBI leader is utility infielder and 9th place hitter Ronald Torreyes with 7. No one else has more than 4. He is also the triples leader and tied for the HR lead (both with 1).

They haven’t won a game all year not started by CC Sabathia – so this projects them to be 32-130 (unless he gets hurt!)

The Yankees have a RELIEF PITCHER who qualifies for the ERA title – this can’t be good. Of course he (Adam Warren) is tied for the LEAD in the ERA race (0.00) so that isn’t ALL bad.

Sanchez (OPS+ 39) and Bird (OPS+ -14) are both hurt – as low as their current numbers are, this can only help! The third Baby Bomber, Judge, had a big day Sunday to raise his BA to .211, though he is now league average (OPS+ 101) and made a great catch for the 27th out so maybe he is on the way.

They play the Rays Today, Wednesday and Thursday. Tampa is off to its best start ever (5-2) – never before have they won 5 of their first 7 games! TB won 2 of 3 from NY to start the year, and this series Sabathia will not pitch, so this could be trouble! Today’s lineup will include Chris Carter (OPS+ 9!) and Austin Romine (OPS+ 72) in place of Bird and Sanchez.

Of course, there are upsides: Matt Holliday (with his 8 walks, FIVE of them yesterday) has an OBP of .538 and an OPS+ of 217. If he can do THAT we may be all right.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in baseball, my long-time favorite LDS player, Jeremy Guthrie, making what may well be his final ML start on Saturday, gave up 10 runs in 2/3 of an inning and was designated for assignment. This move is presumably to get him off the 40-man roster, but it may also be to give him his release, as he doesn’t appear to have it anymore.

The Diamondbacks overcame a 9-3 Giants lead in the bottom of the ninth, scoring 7 runs for the win. And if it were the TOP of the ninth, they could still be batting . . .

The best records in baseball belong to the Diamondbacks (6-1), the Twins (5-1) and the Orioles (4-1). Everyone who predicted that, please raise your hand. I thought so.

I love this game! I’d love it more if the Yankees could win some games, though.

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