Here Comes the Judge

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Apr 132017

Yesterday the Yanks continued to track the 1998 Yanks, as their 3rd straight win evened their record at 4-4. Jordan Montgomery started and showed enough promise to get another start, rather than being sent down so Chad Green or Luis Cessa could start in 5 days. that’s good, and he looked pretty good, even though he gave up 2 runs (technically 3, but the last was a) unearned and b) after he had left the game. On the downside, he reached his pitch count before the 5th inning ended. Still, he looked, at least for one day, like a keeper.

More fun, though, was Aaron Judge, who homered for the third time in three games. And WHAT a homer. I was watching, and I swear I thought it was an infield fly! The pitch was up and in and he kind of inside-outed it a la Jeter, and it rose at an insane angle, just like a fly that the second baseman competes with the right fielder for. I wondered if it was a bloop, but then I realized that he is so strong that it would stay up a long time, and be caught wherever on the field it came down. But where it ACTUALLY came down was 437 feet away in the right-centerfield seats. Wow. Now THAT’S strong. And Judge also hit the season’s hardest ball of the year to date, a single up-the-middle that was by Jumbo Diaz so fast that he ducked AFTER it went past (at 118 MPH). It would have taken the head off his shoulders if it were on a line with it, because he had NO time at all to react.

Two of the three baby bombers (Gary Sanchez and Greg Bird) are hurt, and also off to poor starts. the third and iffiest (is that a word?) of the three is Judge, and his .308/.369/.692/1061 line can play just fine, thank you. After striking out in HALF (!!) of his at bats last fall, Judge has whiffed 6 times in 8 games. And played an excellent right field. He batted 8th to start the season, and moved up to seventh with Austin Romine replacing Gary Sanchez. If he keeps this up, even a little, his journey to 4 or 5 will not be far off.

Meanwhile, Girardi decided Montgomery would benefit from a familiar face, and allowed Kyle Higoshikawa to make his first MLB start. He is 26, and has been in the minors for TEN years. Do you think the kid was a little anxious? He was 0 for 4 and saw FIVE total pitches! For the second straight game the Yankees scored 8 runs, which is amazing when the catcher hole is now completely unproductive and the first base hole (manned by Chris Carter) hardly more so. Still, i’ll take it.

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