Apr 192017

I am still here, and have not even backslid: it is vacation week and I have 4 grandchildren here 24/7: baseball has taken a back seat. I may not post again until next week.

BUT: the 1998 Yankees started 1-4, then won 8 straight, then lost to go to 9-5. The 2017 Yankees have done exactly the same thing. Tough team to channel though, they now went on another 6-gamer, to bring them to 15-5. Their SECOND twenty went 16-4, so they got to 31-9 (.775) after 40 games. Let’s do it!

Yankees getting good starting pitching game after game, 9 straight acceptable starts – some of them not really showing in the box scores. In last night’s loss, Severino retired 18 of 19 through 6 innings, the lone exception a home run, but trailed 1-0. In the seventh he gave up a clean single, then got a double-play ball which was booted, putting two on with no outs. After an out, he gave up a HR. Officially this is 3 R, 2 ER. Unofficially, though, this is single, DP, out and he is done after 7. His actual game score is 70. His GS after 6 IP was 79. He pitched very well.

I love this game.

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