Trouble In Paradise

Posted by Baseball Bob at 09:33
Apr 262017

Hi friends,

No, this doesn’t refer to further setbacks in the Yankeeverse, though those exist as well (more in a minute).

I am getting reports of malicious invasion of this site; the suggested remedy is one we have already taken. My son, who arranged for the hosting of this site and did the layout, is not available until late next week at the earliest, and the host is threatening to shut the site down. Since I have been a little frustrated at my inconsistent blogging and the limited feedback, and since I have lately waxed nostalgic for the “good old days” of a simple email group, I may go back to that. For the moment, I ask anyone who has a login to change the password, and make sure your email address is accurate there, if you would like to be on an email list. Then, IF I decide to revert, I will send an invitation to everyone whose email address I have, requiring a response if you want to be on the list.

Meanwhile, the Yankees appear to be doing well, but it is an odd illusion. Gardner, Bird and Holliday are all in the vicinity of 1 for their last 20, while Ellsbury, Hicks  and Headley are on fire. Yankee fans yearn for the return of Sanchez and Gregorius, but they are unlikely to give MUCH more than Romine and Torreyes (playing over their heads to be sure) have given. The most promising early developments for NY are none of these, but rather the apparent steps forward by Judge, Severino and Montgomery.

Last night’s rainout with Boston hurts the Yankees, in my opinion: they will miss Pomeranz, who I expected to light up. Instead, we get only Sale and Porcello. Oh, well.

Life is good. Maybe more later.


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