AL East Prediction

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Mar 022011

2011 AL East Projected Standings

Boston Red Sox       97-65  .598

New York Yankees  92-70  .568

Tampa Bay Rays     89-73  .549

Baltimore Orioles     85-77  .525

Toronto Blue Jays    74-88  .457

Hitters Starters Bullpen Overall
2011 2010 2011 2010 2011 2010 2011 2010
Red Sox A- B+ A- B+ A C A B+
Yankees A+ A- C B- A- B+ B+ A-
Rays B+ A- A+ A F A B+ A
Orioles B- F B- C- D C B- C
Blue Jays C+ C C+ B C- B- D D

8 Responses to “AL East Prediction”

  1. AL East:

    Red Sox (1st place AL overall)
    Yankees (wild card)
    Blue Jays

    • I thought I was off-the-wall predicting the Orioles to have a winning record! Thanks for the prediction. Once I collect all the divisions, I’ll prepare some kind of a summary.

      • I am assuming a “Showalter Effect” in Baltimore and a “Manny” effect in the clubhouse in Tampa.

        • What is the Manny effect? Going to LA after messing up the Boston clubhouse he played well, his teammates played well, they liked him. On the other hand, he was horrible in Chicago. Until the mess at the end of the Boston stay, he didn’t have a bad clubhouse rep at all.

          The real effect on TB I think is that they are expecting (and my projection) shows real value from Damon and Manny both, but in fact the value of each mostly depends on being DH, and this town ain’t big enough for the both of us.

          And, frankly, if the Showalter effect really exists, I’ll be surprised. But I picked them to surprise NOT because of Buck, but because of all the young talent that feels ready to get better.

          • By “Manny effect” I meant that he has become increasingly difficult in the clubhouse, especially if he feels he is being “disrespected.”It seems that the older he gets, the harder he is to put up with. He was shipped out of Boston surreptitiously, and there wasn’t huge market for his services. Co-existing with Maddon in Tampa will be interesting, and I predict unrest and poor play as a result.

            And Showalter wins. Period. After a year (or partial year) under his belt, his teams have never failed to finish below third in the division.

            • Well, I did predict a down year for the Rays, and an up year for the O’s, so at least subconsciously I was going along with these theories. And the Orioles probably have just the kind of team Showalter does well with: a bunch of young guys that don’t know if they know how to win, or not. He did will in the 1/3 season he had them last year, and they look better. As for Manny, it depends on how things start out: he can still flat out hit, and if he gets to hit, doesn’t get hurt (or get caught taking female hormones?) early, then he might have a Dodger-like resurgence; if not, he will be very disruptive, no doubt.

  2. Yankees
    Red Sox

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