AL Central Prediction

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Mar 052011

2011 AL Central Projected Standings

Twins             92-70  .568

White Sox      85-77  .525

Tigers             78-84  .481

Indians           70-92  .432

Royals            62-100 .383

Hitters Starters Bullpen Overall
2010 2011 2010 2011 2010 2011 2010 2011
Twins B+ A- B B B C A- A-
White Sox B B B B+ C+ D+ B B
Tigers B- B- C+ C C+ D+ C C-
Indians D- D D+ C B- D F D-
Royals D F D- F C C F F

6 Responses to “AL Central Prediction”

  1. The Royals FINALLY cleaned out the “inner vessel”. No Jose Guillens. No Gil Meches. (They still have the awful Jason Kendall) This is the difficult step that a team has to take in order to compete with a middling salary budget. I think that the Astros have learned this the hard way. The Orioles have been mismanaged so long they are trying to skip this step. But the Roayls can’t skip it, and they will challenge for the worst record in baseball this year, and I will support them.

    • At least in KC there is light at the end of the tunnel. The Astros, in addition to learning this lesson, also have one of the worst farm systems in the game, so the way up is a very long one, for them. The Orioles can afford a much bigger budget, but after years of attempting quick fixes they are at least going with the young guys, even if some of the old guys are still there and being paid. Of the three teams, the Orioles will win the most games this year, and the Royals have the brightest future. The Astros really have nearly nothing.

  2. I really can’t argue, but I think the Sox and Twins are closer than 7 games and will go out on a limb and predict them over the Twins and the rest of the division as you have it.

    • Very possible. They key to them may well be their respective bullpens – I consider them both to be worse than last year, and how much worse is shrouded in mystery. In the absence of compelling data, I put both declines as about the same magnitude, which leaves the Twins ahead. But if the Twins bullpen declines MORE than the Sox, well, then you are likely right.

  3. I must say this article was very interesting. I found you with a google search and was rather impressed by your rank for this article.

  4. Twins
    White Sox

    The Royals will be streaky competitive. There will be glimpses of greatness, indicating that they are on the right track. Still won’t get them a winning record though. 🙂

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