Who is Bob?

Hi, I’m Bob. I am in my sixties, and have been a baseball fan as long as I can remember. My Dad took me to my first MLB game when I was 5 or 6, at Ebbet’s field (I grew up in New Jersey). Although I now live in New England, I am still a  Yankee fan.  I am, however, even more a BASEBALL fan, and there is a LOT of baseball here. I am also somewhat a Phillies fan and a Dodger fan, which I will explain.

Years ago my best friend, Brian, and I began an baseball email correspondence, in which he wrote me nearly every day about baseball, I responded many days, and some days we went back and forth numerous times. Brian was a life-long, long-suffering (is there any other kind?) Phillies fan, and in the course of the correspondence i became more of a Phillies fan and he became more of a Yankee fan.

My sons read some of our emails, and requested that we copy them in, which we began to do, though they rarely participated, more being just readers. Anyway, Brian was very funny and entertaining, and the resulting emails were therefore interesting and entertaining. Brian passed away four years back, but in his honor I have continued to write an almost daily email, and we have had an email list that reached about 25 names. I have been encouraged to change this from email to a blog, and for 2011 I have finally made the leap. Baseball-Bob.com is the result.

Meanwhile, my son Mark moved to California and became a Dodger fan (I moved to New England but did NOT become a Red Sox fan) and since the Dodgers were my ORIGINAL team (when they moved to Los Angeles I was nine, and felt completely betrayed, so I did the worst thing I could think of to get them back: I became a Yankee fan. Hence my fandom of Yankees, Phillies, Dodgers.

So this site is about baseball – I am not entirely a stat-head, but I use a lot of stats, both tradition, modern and invented for myself (at least a partial list can be found in the Glossary, and I’ll try to update that when I start to use a new measure frequently). I like analysis, though, and I can go on at length if a subject interests me. Be warned!

Other sometime contributors to this site include my sons:

Andrew, the oldest, is the purest Yankee fan in the family, despite also living in the Boston area. He is the most educated among us, and will sometimes chime in to correct my math or methods.

Mark, the middle son, is the Dodger fan who lives in California. He helped me set up the blog, and is the most net-savvy of us. He likes the Yankees when they aren’t playing the Dodgers, and the Phillies when they aren’t playing the Dodgers or Yankees.

Joe, the youngest, is the one who took most strongly to the Phillies, as he has become a strong Chase Utley fan, and somewhat a Cole Hamels fan. He is also, of course, a Yankee fan.

Anthony is my nephew, and lives in the Midwest. He is a Red Sox fan, but I like him anyway! Actually he is not all that rabid, but he loves baseball. He has offered to help sometimes collecting stats or collaborating on studies – he claims he doesn’t want credit (maybe he fears blame!) but I will try to point it out when he helps on a project.

I will add other bios here if some of my email group follow me to this blog, and continue to contribute.

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